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Every business is required to have an excellent customer service plan for them to be able to attract as many customers as possible. The success of your business is as good as the quality of customer care services and how appreciated the clients feel. We have witnessed many businesses collapsing because of poor customer care services. Asurion’s examples of outsourcing customer service for small businesses can be a good reference point for you.

If you do not apprehend how to go about the whole plan, it is advisable to subscribe to such services. The ability to satisfy your clients is hugely relied on how intermittently an outsourcing customer service company can execute all the qualities highlighted below. Keep reading to comprehend the most important qualities of a good an excellent customer service.


call servicesEvery customer expects the service or product provider to be reliable all the time. Whenever they interact with their customers, they must display dependability and accuracy values. Taking an example of paying for electricity, you need power in the house the moment the transaction is done. Whenever your customers consider transacting with you, they must have some degree of trust. Therefore, you need to subscribe to an outsourcing customer service plan that is always reliable.


A good customer service representative must use a professional tone when interacting with their clients. The representatives must be well-trained to display a professional, positive and upbeat tone that will have clients loving the brand. A professional attitude is, therefore, a required value when choosing an outsourcing customer service plan for your small business.


Competence is a must have values that help to measure the skill level that regards to the company’s product and services. They should understand deeply about your products and services and your core values so that the brand is consistent even after giving them the task of representing your business. A great customer service representative must be competent.


servicesResponsiveness is a great characteristic that every representative must possess. Whenever the clients enter your area of operation through phones calls, emails and other channels, the representative is needed to be as responsive as possible. The presence and care must be displayed to develop a close interaction between the customers and your business.


The customer service representative should be courteous enough when interacting with your clients. Courtesy is the simplest trait that an individual can display without struggling or going through formal or informal training. Every customer deserves courtesy from the representative. You can win the hearts of your clients by subscribing to a customer service representative who displays the highest level of courtesy.


Publishing music without labels will be a challenging thing to do. The creative industry is full of cunning producers, authoritarian labels, and unpredictable trends. No one had ever predicted that Big Shaq’s Mans Not Hot could be viral and hit 288 million viewers in less than a year. The Internet has changed everything that we knew about selling music.

However, staying in one path and being determined with the art is an honorable decision. Indie musicians, like Bjork, Shia, Fever Ray, and Grizzly Bear are the foundation of originality. And if you feel inspired by their movement, this article is intended for you.

Becoming a Jack of All Trade

multi-talented musicianAs an indie musician, you are responsible for creating your own market. To be against the mainstream trend is to create a counter-trend. You have to find people who can appreciate your music, and you should nurture them. Therefore, in this sense, you are turning yourself into a salesperson for your work.

Digital recording programs are plenty these days. You can get Nuendo, GarageBand, Audacity, ProTools, and Cubase to cut off the recording budgets. The result may not be as good as if you rent an analog recording studio, but the programs can facilitate you to keep on creating new materials. Therefore, you must be your own music producer and arranger.

Once people know your music, you are going to get gigs. And before you agree to perform in one, you have to calculate the travel expense, consider the gig’s reputation, and think about the future benefits of the gig for your fame. This task makes you your own manager.

Indie musicians have more freedom in creativity than entertainers. But with that freedom comes great responsibility. Otherwise, you may not survive with your music.

Building a Public Image

an indie guitaristThe best way to boost your popularity is by joining social causes. But not all public issues are worth your participation. For instance, you must not associate yourself with a political party and their campaigns. Indie music embraces freedom in art. And mixing music with politics is to eliminate the music’s artistic value and transform it into a tool of practical politics.

The causes worth fighting for are the environmental campaign, AIDS & HIV awareness, Cancer awareness, and Gender Equality campaign. Philanthropic concerts are also a good choice too. And if you want to get professional advice on this subject, you can work with a communication company. As an example, Rush Communications was established to facilitate creative workers from the Hip-Hop community to build their brands by linking them with social empowerment causes. Russell Simmons founded Rush Communications in 1992, and so far, the company has worked with notable clients like Def Jam Recordings, Global Grind, and Hip Hop Summit Network.

Creating Engaging Contents

a portable turn tableSelling physical records (cassettes and CDs) are still the sacred ritual of musicians. But if you depend solely on them to generate revenue, you are doomed to failure. The era of record sales has long gone. Today, your best partners are content-hosting platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. They pay content creators as much as the creators’ ability to engage viewers.

If your music is too underground and market-segmented, then you should create educational contents instead. Show the public how to perform your songs. Or, you can tell your audience the journey of your creative process. Transforming or collaborating your song with other artists is also a selling idea. For instance, you can partner up with a one-stop-motion artist to create a music video.


When you realize that one side of your shoe is finished, then that is a sign that it is high time that you get a new one for yourself but how do you ensure that that you buy a shoe that you will always be proud of? Well, you are probably reading this article because you are asking yourself the same question. For you to buy perfect alden shoes there are a number of things that you will need to consider some of which are highlighted in this article.

The Brand

shoesWhen buying shoes, it is good to make sure that you buy a shoe that will be able to serve you for a long time. For you to achieve that, you will need to consider the brand where you obtain your shoe from. Shoes come in a variety of brands and some are designed to last for a short time. You need to ensure that you keep away from such brands and the best way to achieve that is to go for those brands that have a good reputation.


Once you have identified the right brand to buy your shoe from, the next thing that you are supposed to pay special attention to is the comfort of the shoe. Some shoes are hard to wear and they can cause you a lot of discomforts. You need to look at the lining of the shoe. If you find that it is very hard, then it means that it is likely to cause you to discomfort if you go for that particular shoe.

The second thing that you need to do to avoid buying shoes that will cause discomfort is to consider the size. Your boots need to have a provision of some space that is left after wearing the shoe. This is important as it will prevent you from developing blisters.


What is the occasion that you will be using the shoes? Do you plan to be using the shoe for official purposes or for casual? This is an important consideration to make because different shoes are fit for different occasions. Some boots are best for official purposes. Remember that anytime that you dress, you are supposed to dress for the occasion, and the boots are part of your dressing style.

The Cost

shoeHow much do you intend to spend? Shoes come at different prices, and the price can tell you a lot about the quality of the shoes that you are about to buy. The more expensive the shoes are, the higher the quality. However, there are always exceptions for that and the best way to identify those exceptions is ensuring that you are well informed.


When you are having graduation at your institution, you would love to post your news on a website where people will be retrieving your gallery at any time. However, you need to choose the best site that is common to the most internet users if you want your news to go viral. With the multiple news websites all over the internet, finding the best needs thorough research.

You need a website that is accessible through any device be it a tablet, desktop or smartphone. You can consider the example of the Green Meadow Waldorf School Graduation News; you will realize that the news and graduation gallery is readily available for everyone to view. When you are looking for a news website for your graduation, you need to consider some factors to ensure that the right audience gets the feeds most appropriately.

Have in mind that every website is designed differently for various reasons. Find out the best one that can meet your requirements. The following are the major consideration you need to make when you are looking for a news website for your graduation.

Identify Bias

Internet website

When you are choosing the best news site, you need to be aware of the sites that tend to provide biased agendas and stories. Many people because of the misleading information do not tolerate such websites, and the content posted. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing a reputable website that is believed to provide honest information to the internet users.

Similarly, you need to focus on the websites that have been existing for a longer period rather than the new channels because you cannot predict their performance. Ensure the site you choose to post your graduation news is more educative and provide informed information to the public.

Read the Reviews

It is important to conduct thorough research of the best news site to post your informed graduation news and gallery. Reading reviews of the websites that you come across is the best way to tell if the site is genuine or not. You will know about the credibility of a website when you try finding recommendations from the internet users rather the website owners themselves.

You need to focus on the qualitative information that will lead you to the best news website on the internet. Reading the online reviews will probably give you a better consideration of the news website for your interest without getting in any scandal.

Pay Attention to the Language and Writing Skills

Graduation Cap

It is important to consider the language as well as the writing skills on a particular news website before you decide to select it as your favorite. Ensure that everything on the website is professional and educative.

The witting skills and grammar matters when it comes to posting your content on the website, therefore, you choose to ensure that your information is not distorted in any way whatsoever. Avoid websites that are prone to errors because your information will lose value to the readers.


If you are involved in a drunk driving accident, the chances are that you will suffer from physical and emotional damages that are overwhelming to yourself and your family. You will experience financial expenses paying for your medical bills that are sometimes, are too expensive to handle on your own. It is a good idea to find a drunk driving accidents attorney to help you hold responsible the drunk driver and be compensated for your injuries.

Choosing the right lawyer might be somehow challenging because there are multiple options available in the law firms. The following tips will help you to pick the right one such as Boston drunk driving lawyer.

Check the Qualification

damaged blue car

It is essential to check the qualifications of the lawyer that you intend to hire so that you can be sure of winning a case in court. They should be knowledgeable about how the drunk driving accidents are handled. You need to interview the lawyer in your initial meeting and ask him or her to tell you about their qualification in the law industry.

Similarly, the lawyer should be able to provide tangible proof of their qualifications. This will help you to build trust and rely on the services that you receive from this attorney.


Experience is an important consideration to make when you are choosing a drunk driving accident lawyer. You need to feel comfortable working with someone who understands the law very well and has had a successful history in his or her past cases.

Therefore, you are recommended to choose someone who has been in the law field for some time because he or she has more experience in handling the drunk driving accident case more than new lawyers. However, you need to check the cases that your lawyer has handled to determine his or her level of experience and the chances of getting compensation for your injuries.


Integrity is a strong personality trait that a successful lawyer is supposed to have. When you are looking for a drunk driving accidents lawyer, you need to choose someone who can represent you in the best way in court.

The attorney should have a high sense of integrity when handling our case to evaluate the cause and the reasons why you need to be compensated more instantly. You can find information about a lawyer with high integrity by asking the past clients of that particular attorney.

Communication Skills

breathalyzer checking

Communication skills are important in the law field because it will determine how your lawyer is going to fight for your rights in court. You need to evaluate how a particular lawyer is making his or her arguments as a legal representative and the superior level of his communication skills before hiring him for your drunk driver accidents case.

You need someone who can defend you with confidence and professionalism before the judges. You will know about the communication skills of the attorney when you interview him or her in your initial meeting.



Smoking is one of that stuff that removes the stress you get from your workplace for a while. Some people like to make it worthwhile, and thus, rather than just smoking cigarettes and keeping it simple, they go for bongs. Now, these bongs can be made of a variety of stuff, and one must be careful about what one is buying, grav labs specialize in the glass bongs, and the most important advantage of buying these products is that, since they are made of glass, while you smoke your tobacco, the flavor is not altered in any way whatsoever.

Other materials that are widely used are the clay and wooden ones, but you must be pretty sure of the quality before you decide on a product. Clay bongs can be very cheap, but you must make sure that it is not porous and absorbent because then your experience of smoking would be largely hampered because the flavor would be lost. The same carefulness is required while you buy the wooden variety as well. Now let us have a look at the variety of bongs.

The unity in diversity

33kjdhgiurhgiiAs mentioned before, there are a lot of varieties so far as bongs are concerned. Grav labs give you support that is quite unmatched. Since they have a great collection, you would find a lot of brands here like Envy or Delta 9, and it is natural not to be sure about this the first time you are buying these stuff. So, you simply need to email them your requirements, and they would handpick items for you. It’s that easy. So now let us look at the varieties:

  • Dab rigs are becoming popular day by day because they are a bit unconventional in the way they are smoked. You do not need a lighter to light this stuff. Instead, there is a torch that heats up the stuff you would be smoking, so that it gets concentrated and you can enjoy it. You can even consume the stuff later on.
  • Bubblers are cute little things that are giving a tough competition to the conventional bongs because this stuff is much smaller in size and despite this, they provide a smooth smoke that is no different from a bong.
  • Chillums are the dark horses in this category because they are small in size and you can place it in your palm. There is a small curb in this which regulates the air flow to the mouthpiece.
  • Bangers are great to have because these render an edgy look to the bong that you are smoking, and thus you can jazz up your experience.
  • Ashcatchers are stuff that is not that necessary, but it is quite nice to have them because they are small in size and thus they would not clutter up space.

The last word

22khiuriutyuiThus, one can say that there is a lot to indulge in if one takes the act of smoking seriously. There is no end to which you can sophisticate your stuff, and always make sure that you are buying from a reputed online site so that you are not at the receiving end if anything goes wrong. So just order your stuff and enjoy your puff in style!




Tracking the productivity of employees, and allocating sufficient compensation for their efforts is every company’s hurdle. The time clock software helps solve the problem by easing the tracking of hours by supervisors and allocating the right resources to help compensate employees accurately. Different time clock software will come with added features for customizing their functionality to fit a company’s needs. Furthermore, the ease of getting the software to work in a given setting affects its adoption prospects. Most managers want a solution working from the start without the need to spend time and money on consulting and learning programs. Before you check out the list of best time clock software, The following features are worth your consideration.


Capability to Create a Work Schedule

All-time software packages seek to ease the task of creating work schedules, but some do it better than others. You ought to check the time needed to come up with a schedule when utilizing the software. Less time is the most desired outcome since it gives you a better chance of handling other duties. The ease of setting the schedule based on the software is also essential because it will encourage supervisors to use the software instead of resisting the technological change in your organization. Most people will accept a new technology if they find it easier to use than a conventional system and this effect would be desirable if the time clock software presented it.

Comprehensive Reporting Features

The software should give you insights on everything possibly imaginable regarding scheduling and monitoring of time use by employees. You need different reports to make different decisions about productivity goals. You may want to see raw time use or the relationship between start times and work done. The reports should show working hours with different customizations such as attendance, payments, billable hours, and performance analyses. You also want your reports to offer presentation variations including graphs and tables to help in their interpretation.

An Appropriate Interface


The top thing to consider when selecting an easy to use time software is the interface, and user design features to help improve its adoption rate in your company. There should be a familiar feature that gives the user cues on what to do next after launching the software. The options using already known systems and conventional designs will be easy to use overall because there is no steep learning curve. On the other hand, the usefulness of software might disappear in the complicated design if users find it unfriendly and cumbersome to use. Installation and maintenance of the software should also be easy overall.

Integration Options

You should also look at the systems in use at your company and available options for integrating the time clock software. Integration options also include routines and ways of doing work at the organization because you seek to facilitate a seamless transition from one system to the next. You might be moving from a manual paper-based system to the software, or you could be replacing one software with a new and better one. The integration consideration will give you an upper hand when evaluating time clock software reviews and when picking the right one.


If you are living in an area where the natural gas market is deregulated, you are free to choose from a wide range of natural gas providers. In fact, you have several options. Thus, finding the right one can be quite a challenge. You can follow the following steps to narrow down the list of certified GA natural gas providers in your area:

Set Your Priorities

natural gasThe truth is that finding a natural gas provider is like making any other useful decision in your life. It is a good idea to take into account your priorities and also weigh your options. It is quite similar to selecting an electricity plan. Finding the best natural gas provider begins with understanding what matters to you most. For instance, are you looking for an experienced company? Do you want a company with outstanding customer service? You need to rank your priorities in the most appropriate manner and then apply them accordingly.

Know Your Usage

Probably you just moved to another area. You can request gas bills from the previous owner. This will assist you to compare the gas prices and understand your natural gas usage levels. If you have lived in the area for some time, you can accurately and easily calculate your gas usage on a monthly basis. These usage statistics can be of great help when looking for a natural gas provider.

Best Plan

It is advisable to look for a reliable natural gas provider that provides the best deal for you. Ideally, the gas providers offer several pricing plans. You need to ask the providers to help you understand the various options you have. The following are some of the questions to ask:

  • Are there extra fees?using natural gas
  • Do you have a budget plan?
  • Do you offer discounts?
  • What changes the price?
  • Do you offer variable or fixed-rate pricing plans?


You need to ensure that a relevant regulatory authority certifies the provider you choose. In this case, you can call the local council to check whether the provider is certified or not. Moreover, you can check with the state government. It is also possible that they have a list of qualified natural gas providers.

After choosing the right natural gas provider, you are about to take control of the monthly energy budget. You need to contact the utility supplier and also the regulatory commission for questions.


Work has got to be among the most exciting adventures we go through every day. It gets even better when the atmosphere favors you by a huge margin. Let’s not forget the fact that the people with whom you work also have the power to influence your attitude towards your job. However, our focus is on the working space and what you can do to land the best there is. Here are a few effective pointers on what to consider when looking for quality working space in San Francisco.


coworking space

The General Environment

The reason most people dread waking up to go to work every morning is because of the shabby environment. Once the tables are turned, the attitude will change and everything else is set to move smoothly. With clean air to breathe and clean sanitation, no one would dare complain. On the bright side, there are plenty of other benefits you are yet to enjoy. The location of the working space you settle for should mold you. This especially applies if you are the entrepreneur who wants the best for the employees. Of all the factors to consider, a clean and spacious working space must be in order. After all, you are only aiming for results at the work place. This is one way to do it and go a mile further.


Homely Surrounding

Of all the deals that surround you on working space, a homely one should take the cake. Besides, pleasant working conditions always have a way of manifesting positive results to all who take it seriously. For this reason, the logistics have to be considered at all times. There are companies which have their clients at heart. Most of these companies offer working space solutions that will make things easier. Not to mention that most of these companies have been in the limelight for long and would settle for nothing less when it comes to delivering results. A homely working surrounding is one of them by all means.


Affordable Rates

Most of the working spaces available require nothing more than fixed and affordable rates. Comparing all the rates available will go as far as causing you to experience benefits like never before. On the bright side, there are wide varieties to choose from in case the ones available are slightly above your budget. What more could you ask for when you know how unpredictable the economy can be? Life has to go on and this is one way to go about it sensibly. When everything works out financially, you are set to make your wold spin in the right direction.


working together


Wide Variety

Having so much to choose from will make it all the more easy for you to make sound decisions in terms of working space. Besides, it is not always a fun experience to try out what everyone else is doing. The beauty of it all is being the very first to initiate and implement some rather astonishing designs. Your work space will be more of a place you’d rather love to spend your time coming up with creative and unique ideas. As they say, variety adds more spice to life.



Debts or other unpaid dues may leave your business lagging behind. There are instances when your clients may take quite a while before paying back your fees or money. Being a creditor is not that easy at all. Apart from stalling your business operations, unpaid fees can reduce the passion in your profession.

Collecting money from all those who owe you can also consume much of your time. Seeking the services of a debt collector is expensive. One good way you can get your money back is seeking the services of a legal practitioner who has specialized in debt recovery cases. Erez Law is one of the best wealth recovery law firms you can consult.

Debt retrieval attorneys will come up with several strategies that will ensure you get your money or property back. Before taking any legal action, you can talk with your debtor in a civilized manner because they might be undergoing a financial strain. You can seek legal action if they fail to cooperate.

Getting a good debt collection lawyer will ensure you get your compensationdebt court case very fast. He or she will start up a litigation process that may see you recover your wealth or money with some bonus compensation. There are several things you should put into consideration when hiring a debt recovery lawyer. They include:


One should look at the levels of expertise of the debt recovery lawyer they want to hire. They should have proper knowledge of everything that concerns these types of cases. The attorney you want to hire should also have a high success rate when it comes to these cases. You can tell that by looking at the debt recovery cases won.


You should also consider the amount charged by these attorneys. Prices may vary from one attorney to another depending on different issues. Those ranked highly or with a high success rate in these type of cases will charge more. Determine your budget before making price comparisons and settling for one offering reasonable rates for their services.


Get to know the status of the debt recovery attorney or the law firm you want to hire. Look at theirdebt law records and find out whether one has ever been involved in any fraudulent case. You should go for one who relates well to his or her clients and other people involved in such cases. Going for a highly reputable lawyer will guarantee you success in your case.


Moving from one location to another is inevitable, especially if it is job or business related. It could be moving from one state to another or just locally. Either way, you need to have a professional removalists by your side. Not many people will get along well with the process if they have to do it by themselves.

According to experts in the business, there is more to it than just lifting the household items and packing them in a tack or offloading them to your new destination. There are many reasons why you need an expert. Here are the top ones.

They Take the Burden

Calling a cousin or a friend to give a hand in relocating is not an easy thing. The best way is to pay a professional who will take up the burden. Some of the items at home are heavy and needs proper planning on how to get them out and into the new house.


The best part is that experts do know how to handle such tough removal jobs without a hitch. After all, they have the experience and skills to do this job. So, why take up the burden when you can have someone take care of it quickly?

They Minimize Damage

Moving household items from one point to another can pose a damage risk to them. Further, you are likely to damage the walls and edges of the house if you do this by yourself. One good thing is that the professional removal experts will not do this.

One of their main priority is to pack the items professionally, add protective to them and handle them with ultimate care. When the removalists handle the operations, you have a higher chance of getting all the items delivered without a single scratch.

They Are Fast

If the relocation is urgent, you can rely on these experts. They are fast in their operations to meet tight deadlines no matter the distance. All you need is to probably check in a hotel for a night with your family as they do the job.

However, this depends on the distance and the amount of work at hand, but you can rest assured that they will do it within a reasonable time. All reputable removal experts are reliable in service delivery as much as they may charge more.

They Have the Right Tools

The removal process is not just lifting and packing in a track; it involves the use of equipment like trolleys, forklift and transportation using specialized tracks. Heavy household items are usually tricky to move in and out.

Probably, they will need specialized equipment which will reduce damage and make the work easy. With the right tools of work, then you can relax knowing that all is in safe hands.


Apart from all the above reasons, these experts also have insurance cover for the work they do. It means that your household items are insured while in transit. Additionally, they also take inventory before and after the moving process which also increases trust issues. These are more reasons why you need to use the removal experts.


Almost everyone can build a website and they do not have to step into a designing class. However, building an effective website is a reserve for a few people. Since online presence is vital to whatever ends you intend for your website, you should not take it lightly when it comes to building your website. From website creators and their successful website building stories, here are tips to building an effective website.

Building an effective website

Make your pages light


Loading speed should be a top priority when building your website. Remember, not everyone has fast internet connection. Secondly,online visitors are very impatient. On average, visitors only wait for 30 seconds for your pages to load. You only have a couple of those seconds before they leave for another website. The importance of loading speed for your website pages cannot be emphasized enough. Look and compare Wix plans and choose the best that will work to make your loading speed fast.

Build mobile-friendly pages

It is no longer the era of desktop computers for internet access. The modern internet user is a selective bunch and takes their convenience more seriously than before. More than 65% of users access the internet using mobile devices. If you are yet to migrate to a mobile-friendly site, you are missing out a big deal of traffic. You should tailor make your website to accommodate this shift in preference of access.

Include videos and vocal testimonies

Textual content has had its fair share of website dominance but now its days of glory are almost over. Online traffic is more interested in visual and audio content (you cannot blame them since a picture speaks a thousand words). Since you cannot do away with text, establish content balance to accommodate some videos and vocal testimonials. Ensure that your video and audio sizes are trimmed to the least so as not to tamper with page loading speed.

Navigation is a factor

How easy it is to move from one page to another on your site will be something you should give serious thought. It should be easy for your visitors to move from content to the next without having to scroll all the way down to find a click button.

Free your pages of clutter

If your pages look like literature book pages, you have failed one of the crucial tests to effective website page building. You should be keen to organize your web pages. As much as you should avoid not to leave too many white spaces, you should steer away from a cluttering effect.

Make it easy to find

jhffggtytcvccvcvAn effective website should be easy to find. Start by choosing a specific domain name that captures your intention for it. Do thorough keyword research for your content creation. As long as you get these two right, your website will attract a fair share of online traffic.

It is not rocket science to create a great website. In fact, understanding what you intend for the website and the expectations of your visitors should guide you into creating an effective website. Follow the tips discussed in this post and it will be easy to keep visitors coming.

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Au pays des Chiffres avec Tam et Tao
Apprendre à compter en s’amusant sur iPad.

Une alternative intelligente aux jeux numériques pour les 2-6 ans,

basée sur la pédagogie Montessori !

L’application iPad
10 scènes ludiques et interactives, dans un univers sonore captivant
Des activités d’écriture et d’apprentissage
Un univers graphique original
Toute la magie tactile de l’iPad
Disponible en deux langues, pour découvrir aussi l’anglais

La pédagogie Montessori

« Libérez le potentiel de l‘enfant, vous le transformerez et le monde avec lui »

Maria Montessori fut la 1ère femme médecin italienne
Sa pédagogie, aujourd’hui universelle, repose sur l’autonomie et la confiance en soi

Cette approche concrète et active respecte le rythme de chaque enfant

Disponible en français/ anglais sur l’AppStore.