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Tracking the productivity of employees, and allocating sufficient compensation for their efforts is every company’s hurdle. The time clock software helps solve the problem by easing the tracking of hours by supervisors and allocating the right resources to help compensate employees accurately. Different time clock software will come with added features for customizing their functionality to fit a company’s needs. Furthermore, the ease of getting the software to work in a given setting affects its adoption prospects. Most managers want a solution working from the start without the need to spend time and money on consulting and learning programs. Before you check out the list of best time clock software, The following features are worth your consideration.


Capability to Create a Work Schedule

All-time software packages seek to ease the task of creating work schedules, but some do it better than others. You ought to check the time needed to come up with a schedule when utilizing the software. Less time is the most desired outcome since it gives you a better chance of handling other duties. The ease of setting the schedule based on the software is also essential because it will encourage supervisors to use the software instead of resisting the technological change in your organization. Most people will accept a new technology if they find it easier to use than a conventional system and this effect would be desirable if the time clock software presented it.

Comprehensive Reporting Features

The software should give you insights on everything possibly imaginable regarding scheduling and monitoring of time use by employees. You need different reports to make different decisions about productivity goals. You may want to see raw time use or the relationship between start times and work done. The reports should show working hours with different customizations such as attendance, payments, billable hours, and performance analyses. You also want your reports to offer presentation variations including graphs and tables to help in their interpretation.

An Appropriate Interface


The top thing to consider when selecting an easy to use time software is the interface, and user design features to help improve its adoption rate in your company. There should be a familiar feature that gives the user cues on what to do next after launching the software. The options using already known systems and conventional designs will be easy to use overall because there is no steep learning curve. On the other hand, the usefulness of software might disappear in the complicated design if users find it unfriendly and cumbersome to use. Installation and maintenance of the software should also be easy overall.

Integration Options

You should also look at the systems in use at your company and available options for integrating the time clock software. Integration options also include routines and ways of doing work at the organization because you seek to facilitate a seamless transition from one system to the next. You might be moving from a manual paper-based system to the software, or you could be replacing one software with a new and better one. The integration consideration will give you an upper hand when evaluating time clock software reviews and when picking the right one.