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Smoking is one of that stuff that removes the stress you get from your workplace for a while. Some people like to make it worthwhile, and thus, rather than just smoking cigarettes and keeping it simple, they go for bongs. Now, these bongs can be made of a variety of stuff, and one must be careful about what one is buying, grav labs specialize in the glass bongs, and the most important advantage of buying these products is that, since they are made of glass, while you smoke your tobacco, the flavor is not altered in any way whatsoever.

Other materials that are widely used are the clay and wooden ones, but you must be pretty sure of the quality before you decide on a product. Clay bongs can be very cheap, but you must make sure that it is not porous and absorbent because then your experience of smoking would be largely hampered because the flavor would be lost. The same carefulness is required while you buy the wooden variety as well. Now let us have a look at the variety of bongs.

The unity in diversity

33kjdhgiurhgiiAs mentioned before, there are a lot of varieties so far as bongs are concerned. Grav labs give you support that is quite unmatched. Since they have a great collection, you would find a lot of brands here like Envy or Delta 9, and it is natural not to be sure about this the first time you are buying these stuff. So, you simply need to email them your requirements, and they would handpick items for you. It’s that easy. So now let us look at the varieties:

  • Dab rigs are becoming popular day by day because they are a bit unconventional in the way they are smoked. You do not need a lighter to light this stuff. Instead, there is a torch that heats up the stuff you would be smoking, so that it gets concentrated and you can enjoy it. You can even consume the stuff later on.
  • Bubblers are cute little things that are giving a tough competition to the conventional bongs because this stuff is much smaller in size and despite this, they provide a smooth smoke that is no different from a bong.
  • Chillums are the dark horses in this category because they are small in size and you can place it in your palm. There is a small curb in this which regulates the air flow to the mouthpiece.
  • Bangers are great to have because these render an edgy look to the bong that you are smoking, and thus you can jazz up your experience.
  • Ashcatchers are stuff that is not that necessary, but it is quite nice to have them because they are small in size and thus they would not clutter up space.

The last word

22khiuriutyuiThus, one can say that there is a lot to indulge in if one takes the act of smoking seriously. There is no end to which you can sophisticate your stuff, and always make sure that you are buying from a reputed online site so that you are not at the receiving end if anything goes wrong. So just order your stuff and enjoy your puff in style!