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Publishing music without labels will be a challenging thing to do. The creative industry is full of cunning producers, authoritarian labels, and unpredictable trends. No one had ever predicted that Big Shaq’s Mans Not Hot could be viral and hit 288 million viewers in less than a year. The Internet has changed everything that we knew about selling music.

However, staying in one path and being determined with the art is an honorable decision. Indie musicians, like Bjork, Shia, Fever Ray, and Grizzly Bear are the foundation of originality. And if you feel inspired by their movement, this article is intended for you.

Becoming a Jack of All Trade

multi-talented musicianAs an indie musician, you are responsible for creating your own market. To be against the mainstream trend is to create a counter-trend. You have to find people who can appreciate your music, and you should nurture them. Therefore, in this sense, you are turning yourself into a salesperson for your work.

Digital recording programs are plenty these days. You can get Nuendo, GarageBand, Audacity, ProTools, and Cubase to cut off the recording budgets. The result may not be as good as if you rent an analog recording studio, but the programs can facilitate you to keep on creating new materials. Therefore, you must be your own music producer and arranger.

Once people know your music, you are going to get gigs. And before you agree to perform in one, you have to calculate the travel expense, consider the gig’s reputation, and think about the future benefits of the gig for your fame. This task makes you your own manager.

Indie musicians have more freedom in creativity than entertainers. But with that freedom comes great responsibility. Otherwise, you may not survive with your music.

Building a Public Image

an indie guitaristThe best way to boost your popularity is by joining social causes. But not all public issues are worth your participation. For instance, you must not associate yourself with a political party and their campaigns. Indie music embraces freedom in art. And mixing music with politics is to eliminate the music’s artistic value and transform it into a tool of practical politics.

The causes worth fighting for are the environmental campaign, AIDS & HIV awareness, Cancer awareness, and Gender Equality campaign. Philanthropic concerts are also a good choice too. And if you want to get professional advice on this subject, you can work with a communication company. As an example, Rush Communications was established to facilitate creative workers from the Hip-Hop community to build their brands by linking them with social empowerment causes. Russell Simmons founded Rush Communications in 1992, and so far, the company has worked with notable clients like Def Jam Recordings, Global Grind, and Hip Hop Summit Network.

Creating Engaging Contents

a portable turn tableSelling physical records (cassettes and CDs) are still the sacred ritual of musicians. But if you depend solely on them to generate revenue, you are doomed to failure. The era of record sales has long gone. Today, your best partners are content-hosting platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. They pay content creators as much as the creators’ ability to engage viewers.

If your music is too underground and market-segmented, then you should create educational contents instead. Show the public how to perform your songs. Or, you can tell your audience the journey of your creative process. Transforming or collaborating your song with other artists is also a selling idea. For instance, you can partner up with a one-stop-motion artist to create a music video.


Almost everyone can build a website and they do not have to step into a designing class. However, building an effective website is a reserve for a few people. Since online presence is vital to whatever ends you intend for your website, you should not take it lightly when it comes to building your website. From website creators and their successful website building stories, here are tips to building an effective website.

Building an effective website

Make your pages light


Loading speed should be a top priority when building your website. Remember, not everyone has fast internet connection. Secondly,online visitors are very impatient. On average, visitors only wait for 30 seconds for your pages to load. You only have a couple of those seconds before they leave for another website. The importance of loading speed for your website pages cannot be emphasized enough. Look and compare Wix plans and choose the best that will work to make your loading speed fast.

Build mobile-friendly pages

It is no longer the era of desktop computers for internet access. The modern internet user is a selective bunch and takes their convenience more seriously than before. More than 65% of users access the internet using mobile devices. If you are yet to migrate to a mobile-friendly site, you are missing out a big deal of traffic. You should tailor make your website to accommodate this shift in preference of access.

Include videos and vocal testimonies

Textual content has had its fair share of website dominance but now its days of glory are almost over. Online traffic is more interested in visual and audio content (you cannot blame them since a picture speaks a thousand words). Since you cannot do away with text, establish content balance to accommodate some videos and vocal testimonials. Ensure that your video and audio sizes are trimmed to the least so as not to tamper with page loading speed.

Navigation is a factor

How easy it is to move from one page to another on your site will be something you should give serious thought. It should be easy for your visitors to move from content to the next without having to scroll all the way down to find a click button.

Free your pages of clutter

If your pages look like literature book pages, you have failed one of the crucial tests to effective website page building. You should be keen to organize your web pages. As much as you should avoid not to leave too many white spaces, you should steer away from a cluttering effect.

Make it easy to find

jhffggtytcvccvcvAn effective website should be easy to find. Start by choosing a specific domain name that captures your intention for it. Do thorough keyword research for your content creation. As long as you get these two right, your website will attract a fair share of online traffic.

It is not rocket science to create a great website. In fact, understanding what you intend for the website and the expectations of your visitors should guide you into creating an effective website. Follow the tips discussed in this post and it will be easy to keep visitors coming.

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