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Montessori Letter Sounds in French : Learn French with Tam & Tao

(For kids aged 3 to 7) 


Montessori* Letter Sounds in French is a French language app to introduce children to French. Based on sounds games, it is a wonderful initiation to French pronunciation.

Montessori* Letter Sounds in French teaches them letter sounds in French (and not letter names) as well as their first French words.  It works in 4 steps:

- First step: «La boîte à sons» (soundbox) will allow children to identify sounds at the beginning, inside and at the end of words, in order to educated the child’s ear to French.  We have also included « out of the box » words to enrich children’s vocabulary.

- Second step: «La boite à lettres» (letterbox) is an important step leading to the memorization of all the letter sounds and shapes in cursive (French children write in cursive letters).

- Third step: «Images et Lettres » (mix and match) brings together the two first steps with 3 games of mix and match.

- Fourth step: «La dictée muette » (spelling game) is for children who are ready to start sounding out words in French. They will write their first French words, on their own

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Children will find each step fun and motivating thanks to:

- Quizzes

- Recording options

- Mutli-colored marbles distributed for each correct answer.  The system keeps track of the marbles for each player.  Marbles are used to unlock game levels to ensure that children have played with each level enough to access the next one.

The Montessori Method is based on sensorial learning.  Its main goals are to develop children’s autonomy and self-confidence.

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